Anonymity & decentralization

  1. Tor– anonymity-enabling proxy network
  2. Cock.li – Yeah it’s mail with cocks
  3. Tutonota - For when you need actual anonymity
  4. Tornado.cash - Easily launder money on ethereum blockchain. Be careful and avoid associating tornado addresses with coinbase or any CEX


  1. Libgen- Find virtually any textbook
  2. sci-hub - Get past disgusting publishing house paywalls
  3. GSL - An incredibly impressive list of numerical recipes implemented in C
  4. SICP Structure and Interpetation of Computer Programs, the CS textbook we all know and love so much
  5. SICM- Internet textbook on classical mechanics (My favorite topic in physics) written in the infamous and lovely style of SICP.


  1. Based.cooking- Well curated and tastefully designed recipe website. No more scrolling through shitty blog posts by freelancers who get paid by the minute.


  1. purplepandalabs.com - I dont do roids but you people won’t quit asking me where to find them. Well, here you go.

Web Dev

  1. landchad.net - All about web dev, in the style of based.cooking